Bizzle Releases Statement Regarding His Billboard Chart Success

In case you’ve been under a rock, GOM front man Bizzle has a new album out that is probably his best work to date. Crowns and Crosses has been well received having landed on Billboard as the #8 Rap Album, #9 Christian Album, #16 Independent Album, and #72 Top Album Sales.

Keeping things in perspective, he released this statement:bizzle-crowns-and-crosses-cover

When I gave up promoting ignorance in my music, I also gave up any hopes of Billboard Charts and everything else attached to my dreams before CHRIST. And the truth is, EVERY single project I have dropped while making music for THE LORD has landed on the Billboard Charts.

So while the “charts” in themselves mean nothing, they symbomize GOD’S faithfulness. When I was sleeping on that hardwood floor, and moving around with trash bags full of clothes in my car and I vowed to put “GOD Over Money”….I never imagined HIS plans for me would unfold like they have.

I don’t make the most money but I’ve been able to support my own family as well as bless many families with the money I have made. I don’t sell the most records, but the records I do sell bless the lives of others. The greatest thing of all is that I’m able to give GOD the glory in it all.

I don’t allow the world’s idea of “winning” to make me feel like I’m “losing.” With GOD….we ALWAYS WINNIN!!!

Purchase Crowns and Crosses at and watch his latest video for “Oh Yeah”.




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