KamBINO Dropped a Project & Already Killed 2017

I bring you exciting news as 2017 is off to a ear pleasing start courtesy of CHH vet KamBINO returning with the release of The Preface III: Legends Never Die. The gifted lyricist instantly had social media buzzing.

His friend and fellow artist Armond WakeUp took it a step a further,

When I was 1st exposed to rappers for Jesus in 2005, I heard a lot of cats but none really connected with me. In 2008 while randomly searching the innanet I found a compilation from a record label called Slingshot (don’t remember the name) & I heard this guy rapping. Like. Rap. Ping. Sound theology. Real life application. Authenticity. Conviction. & could put words together really well. I followed dude’s music ministry closely & watched him evolve & mature in his craft. 9 years later I’m honored to call Kameron Bray friend. Rap with him (& not get washed too bad), walk through some real life stuff with him & gladly put him on my top 10 MCs list & challenge anyone to name someone who raps better (you can’t). Today Kam put out a project called #ThePrefaceIII & I HIGHLY recommend you cop. It’s a really dope body of work” – Armond WakeUp

There you have it. Take the word of three dope rappers and cop this new project exclusively at www.iamkambino.com




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